Katie on the Issues

How does Katie protect workers in Illinois?

Katie supports the proposed constitutional amendment that enshrines workers' fundamental right to join together to fight for their own safety and economic welfare.

What has Katie done to reduce healthcare costs?

Katie pushes legislation that caps the out-of-pocket cost of life-saving medication and requires insurance companies to cover essential medical services.

How does Katie stand up for women?

Katie believes that women should be paid equal wages for equal work, have equitable access to high-quality pre-school and childcare, and be free to make their own choices. She also fights for survivors' access to safety resources.

What is Katie's plan to support teachers, students, and schools?

Katie has worked to raise starting salaries for teachers and will continue to support teacher and principal mentoring programs to keep high quality educators in our classrooms.

What does Katie do to support our veterans?

Katie understands that we need to treat our veterans with the respect they deserve following their service to our country. She works to ensure that they are supported financially by fighting to expand tax credits for businesses that hire veterans or their spouses and to guarantee that their children have access to high quality public education.

How will Katie stand up for seniors?

Katie created the elder abuse task force to address injustices against these important members of our community. She understands the importance of social security and programs like Meals on Wheels that help senior citizens stay in their homes.

What are Katie's budgetary priorities?

Katie knows that the path to statewide fiscal responsibility is a balanced budget. Her voting record reflects that understanding, and she will continue to fight for a balanced budget that fully funds pension obligations and public schools

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